The House

Founded in 2012 by Andrea Litto and Henrique Setton who were passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, SiliconHouse is rooted in the culture and atmosphere of Silicon Valley.


Through the house, located a few minutes from world famous companies, we have hosted more than 300 people from 10 different countries. Entrepreneurs, executives, investors, professors, students or just enthusiasts of innovation come to experience, learn and take back values and opportunities from the Valley.


We have been making friends in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years and among them are executives, entrepreneurs and investors that often show up at our mentorship and workshop sessions to give back and learn or simply enjoy great conversation.


IntoActions is an innovation consultancy that helps organizations apply Design Thinking and Foresight Thinking™ to generate value and deliver impact. IntoActions offers its Design Thinking and Foresight Thinking™ workshops in conjunction with the programs of SiliconHouse directly in Silicon Valley. Check it out at



Ideation Brazil is an organization that promotes entrepreneurship competitions all over Brazil. With a methodology developed in partnership with the University of Southern California, it creates practical opportunities for students put their ideas into action.