“Our goal at SiliconHouse is to provide an unforgettable experience to our participants. Through our programs, workshops, events and custom consulting, we bring the best people in the Valley together. The result is that you, your company, or your startup will obtain an invaluable set of new skills, and knowledge plus a network that will change your life forever.”


SiliconHouse Innovation Program

Immersive program for corporations and executives that intersects innovation and technology in Silicon Valley and its surroundings. Discover subtle and rarely seen dynamics that create tendencies in technology and understand which are the motors of innovation and its role in efficient leadership for corporations and successful entrepreneurs. Experience the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship and what makes Silicon Valley the birth place of multi billion dollar companies and ideas. Check out the next date here. 

SiliconHouse Startup MVP Program

Designed for founders and entrepreneurs developing a new product or idea, looking for validation and to learn from other’s experiences, networking with other entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. Learn how to use lean business techniques to fine tune your product idea and how to pitch it to business partners, Seed and Angel investors. Check out the next date here.


Developed in conjunction with local academics, enterprises and entrepreneurs, these programs focus on a vertical business approach with the objective of exploring three aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship in the valley:

  • Academics:
    • Learn about activities and research being conducted at the local universities and research institutions
    • Find out how new opportunities can be accessed to develop new concepts and collaborate with Silicon Valley’s schools on potential R&D projects.
  • Corporations:
    • Visit local companies and  learn how they are innovating within their businesses.
    • Understand how these companies implement new ideas.
    • Hear about what they are doing to maintain and attract new customers.
    • Explore partnership opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups:
    • Identify which startups and entrepreneurs are developing new ideas, innovations and technologies.
    • Focus on your particular areas of interest by attending workshops and presentations.
    • Promote opportunities for partnerships, investments and representation for your products and services in new markets.


We offer custom designed programs for corporations and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the programs we have implemented in the past:

  • Silicon Valley Labs: for companies that want to establish a presence in the Silicon Valley and create a laboratory for research and development in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Startup Validation: One to one program with startups or corporations that have a new business model or idea and want to go through a process of business evaluation, marketing and financial model validation, pitch to local investors and potential partners with the goal of expanding operations to the United States or Globally.
  • Growth Program: With focus on corporations with more than $10M in revenues or $1M in EBTDA that are seeking to explore growth opportunities in the United States, validate their business model, partner or invest in local startups and introduce themselves to local venture capital.