Program Info

Theme  SiliconHouse Program January/2013

Audience  Students and entrepreneurs from Centro de Empreendedorismo – INSPER

Duration  January, 2013

Program Description

In January 2013, SiliconHouse brought students and entrepreneurs from Centro de Empreendedorismo – INSPER to an immersion program in Silicon Valley.

Our guests say

“The SiliconHouse program not only allowed an immersion in the Silicon Valley culture, but also opened our eyes to the possibilities and tools to transform the Brazilian IT environment – not companies alone – into a collaborative space which leads to better and innovative technology development.”

Barbara Ferolla, Entrepreneur, Brazil


“Participating in the program organized by the SiliconHouse was an amazing experience. I was able to look very closely at the newest trends and technologies that are arising in the Valley, and also get insights on how to bring them to Brazil and put our country among the leaders.”

Renato Byrro, Entrepreneur, Brazil