Program Info

Theme  Immersion on Silicon Valley’s Culture and Business Development Program

Audience  Finalists on InovAtiva’s Program

Duration  January 13 – 17, 2014

Program Description

The Brazilian Ministry of Development, Endeavor Brasil and SiliconHouse brought the finalists/winners from the InovAtiva Program to Silicon Valley for complete immersion and for business development. The “Grand-Finale” was an exciting Demo Day.

Our guests say

“What most fascinated me at SiliconHouse was the proposal! Experiencing the Valley in a personalized way, with support, dedication and care to local entrepreneurs and mentors, allowed me to get the best use of the few days I was there.”

Ana Mello, Entrepreneur, Brazil

“You network with amazing people, go to interesting talks, work with several entrepreneurs, and you live in a house where you feel at home. I even found working partners.”

Paula Gomez, Entrepreneur, Brazil