Program Info 

Theme  SiliconHouse 21 Days Program April, 2013

Audience  Entrepreneurs from China, Korea, Brazil and United States

Duration  April 1 – 21, 2013

Program Description

This program consisted in 21 days of activities such as orientation day, workshops, networking events, a customized schedule for each entrepreneur with events in his/her field of work, mentorship, focus sessions with SiliconHouse’s committee, pitch nights, plus a very interesting lecture with Peter Seidel and Lyne Noella, founders of WavePlay.

Our guests say

“The connections and friendships that develop are amazing. I would recommend SiliconHouse to any entrepreneur looking to get settled and connected in Silicon Valley.”

Bradley Joyce, Entrepreneur, EUA

“SiliconHouse have a network of people that you are introduced to in Silicon Valley socially. I really appreciate all the help that they gave and still do!”

Cleyton Messias, Entrepreneur, Brazil