Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, executives, academics and government agencies.




Strategy, innovation and leadership are key to anyone involved with business nowadays. At the pace that change is happening, the key to success is to innovate and generate new ideas within organisations offering its leaders, data, tools and techniques that generate change.


In five days, you will be immersed on an intersection of innovation and technology at Silicon Valley and surroundings. We will discover subtle and rarely seen dynamics that create tendencies in technology and will understand which are the motors of innovation and its role in efficient leadership for corporations and successful entrepreneurs. This program combines workshops with Ph.D. professors from local Universities, entrepreneurs and investors on a unique opportunity to interact and be introduced to the best and newest technologies and ideas in Silicon Valley.


Program Duration: 6 days

Dates: TBD


Program Description:

Introduction to Silicon Valley and Innovation

  • Introduction to Silicon Valley and why it is one of the most innovative places in the world.
  • Workshop on Innovation by an entrepreneur and innovation professor from Stanford or UC Berkeley.

Innovation in the Corporate SiliconValley

  • Workshop with a Silicon Valley Executive: “What are companies in Silicon Valley doing to keep up with the pace of innovation within the organization, and to maintain customer loyalty and competitive advantages?”

Innovation and the Academia

  • Visit and Workshops at UC Berkeley or Stanford.


  • Visit and chat with local entrepreneurs that are creating the next billion dollar companies and how are they doing it.

Venture Capital

  • Workshop on Venture Capital, how it works in the Valley and why it moves more than $100B/year.


Notes about the program:

  • Program details will be disclosed 30 days before confirmation.
  • Networking, Mentorship and Workshop sessions.
  • Visit to local companies and landmarks.